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Alive Inc, offers security & maintenance packages so you don't have to worry about your site and can get back to running your business.

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Security & Maintenance

Website security & maintenance is paramount for all businesses. Imagine the loss of business and customer service if your website stops working?

Every organization needs to invest in web-security to protect its digital assets. Alive Inc, can help in assessing your current security measures as well as build and manage up-to-date and accurate web-security plans. After all, your website’s the center of your business, your brand and all the amazing things you’re bringing to the world. It deserves broad protection with all the tools you need to protect your business and customers online.

What We Do?

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Our web-security & maintenance solutions automatically protect and enhance your website to keep your business safe.

We provide everything that is needed to keep your site running smoothly with core and plugin file updates, offsite backups, disaster recovery, custom website updates, software updates, malware cleanup & much more that will stop hackers from gaining access to your website files.
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What types of support can we offer?

Here are several kinds of security & maintenance support services we offer.

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